Helping your organization achieve success,
however you define it.

McLean Global Consulting, Inc., is an independent consulting firm serving all sizes of organizations and companies.

Our core team and associates are passionate about helping you plan, implement, and shepherd performance improvement strategies, and evaluate the results. The value of our solutions is drawn from years of global experiences and a commitment to results-oriented processes and methodologies.

We help you build organizational capabilities by developing skills, designing and improving processes, and creating environments where employees thrive. These organizational capabilities are designed to support the attainment of your current business objectives, and help prepare your organization for future opportunities and challenges. 

core team: Dr. Gary McLean, Laird McLean, Cynthia McLean Lancaster

Core Team

Dr. Gary N. McLean began consulting in 1970 when companies asked for his help to improve their training and develop processes that were compatible with systems thinking.  As the demand for his work continually increased, his business and expertise grew. 

By 2005 additional consultants and expertise were needed to continue providing innovative solutions and high-level service to Gary’s expanding list of clients and client needs.  Laird D. McLean and Cynthia McLean Lancaster then joined Gary to launch McLean Global Consulting, Inc. (MGC).  The business continues to grow.


Dr. Gary N. McLean

Dr. Gary N. McLean

Gary has consulted in training, organization development, and quality transformation for over 40 years. He consults primarily in international Human Resource Development (HRD) and organization development, including conflict management, mergers and acquisitions, training, executive coaching, organizational design/structure, and other interventions related to improving individual and organizational performance.

Gary has worked as a consultant, taught, and done research in over 50 countries.  He was one of two consultants who began the quality journey with Zytec, 1991 winner of the Malcolm Baldrige and Minnesota Quality Awards.  He has also presented with Dr. W. Edwards Deming, one of the great quality gurus.

In addition to work with MGC, Gary serves as Senior Professor and Executive Director of International HRD Programs in the Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development for Texas A&M University.


Laird D. McLean

Laird D. McLean

Laird is highly regarded for his expertise in training, organizational change, innovation, and technology implementation.

Prior to joining MGC, he was responsible, as director of Global Learning and Development, for leading training and development globally, serving the Chief Technical and Chief Medical Officers at Boston Scientific. He played a key role in implementing corporate-wide product and technology development processes, developing an award-winning project management capability, building the corporate training function, bringing eLearning to the company, and guiding implementation of company-wide Six Sigma and Lean training.

Laird also served as a change management consultant at Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture) where he helped clients plan for and implement PeopleSoft applications. His work included business process mapping; organization design; and training design, development, and delivery.

Laird has traveled to over 20 countries. He has lived, worked, and studied in the USA, Canada, Japan, and Belgium and has familiarity with French and Japanese languages.


Cynthia McLean Lancaster

Cynthia McLean Lancaster

Cynthia McLean Lancaster provides MGC clients with assistance in training, organizational change, project management, and needs assessments.

Before joining MGC, Cynthia was employed by BI as a Project Manager within the e-Learning division. Her role involved gathering client requirements, sourcing materials, coordinating development schedules, and corresponding with clients. She developed the processes used by the quality assurance team and implemented QA software.

Cynthia also served as the Microsoft Project Coordinator at VUE, an electronic testing and certification firm.  In her role at VUE she helped develop the processes and training materials for customer service agents.