Case #1: Competencies

Challenge: Productivity in Product Development

A small, innovative medical device company was experiencing tremendous growth and was aiming at continued growth over the next few years. However, productivity in product development was lower than expected and required. This was leading to missed milestones and product launch delays, and ultimately proving to be a limitation to the company in achieving the rate of growth it desired.  Assessment of the situation pointed to a lack of certain competencies, as well as a lack of development in existing competencies to keep up with the rate of growth.

MGC's Solution

McLean Global Consulting (MGC) partnered with HR and executive management to:

  • Create a competency model, focused on critical knowledge/skills in product development, with expected levels of proficiency for key roles in product development.
  • Set up their performance management software (SuccessFactors) to conduct an assessment to determine where they were strong and where they had gaps in key product development competencies.


Data from assessment are being used to create human capital strategy, helping to make decisions on whether to recruit and select for critical skills, to invest in developing certain skills internally, or a combination of both.

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