Case #2: Function Merger

Challenge: Integrating and merging departments

A Fortune 500 company was centralizing their Learning & Development function, which involved merging two existing corporate departments. As the budget for the centralized function was funded by contributions by the business units, expectations for the merger were high. Management of the new function had a number of concerns, including how the integration process might prevent the function from working together most effectively and efficiency.

MGC's Solution

MGC partnered with management to:

  • Define the process by which teams within the function would accomplish their work
  • Conduct project management training, incorporating the agreed upon process so project leaders could successfully manage projects to completion
  • Coach project leaders and institute project leader forums for continued peer learning
  • Conduct a resource assessment to determine the right level of resourcing for the function
  • Develop a project portfolio management approach to keep focused on top priority needs
  • Outline the creation of a centralized Learning & Development Operations function to manage their administrative processes (recommendation accepted and acted upon)
  • Coach management on all of the above to ensure a systemic approach


Project Leaders used a SharePoint site to manage project management processes and deliverables.  An Operations Manager was hired to build and manage the Learning & Development Ops department to support several of the processes (e.g., resource management, portfolio management, administrative tasks, etc.

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