Case #3: New Product Development Global Restructuring

Challenge: Determine how structure impacted productivity and effectiveness

A year before, the new product development function of a multi-billion dollar business had implemented a new organizational structure globally that included cross-site and cross-cultural reporting relationships. Management was interested in finding out how the structure had impacted productivity and effectiveness, and identifying opportunities to improve how they managed the function.

MGC's Solution

MGC partnered with senior management and HR to:

  • Design an assessment approach to meet the client’s objectives and requirements
  • Author an interview guide and survey for data collection
  • Conduct interviews and train and coach internal interviewers
  • Collect and summarize data
  • Make recommendations for how to improve the new product development function.  All recommendations were accepted and implemented


Recommendations were shared with all managers; an action plan was created and executed.  Further, the data were integrated into the annual strategic planning process.

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