Case #5: Executive Coaching

Challenge: Leadership

The CEO of a major consulting firm recognized that his leadership was critical for the ongoing success of the organization. Yet, as with many CEOs, he believed that there were few people within the organization with whom he could talk freely and openly about his concerns. Further, the organization was not feedback rich, leaving him in the situation in which he received minimal feedback. He believed that he would make better decisions and provide better leadership if he could reflect on his behaviors with someone who understood people and the consulting business.

MGC's Solution

A representative of MGC met with the CEO on a regular basis to ask probing questions, provide feedback (based on other work being done within the organization), and to reflect with the CEO on issues facing the organization and planned actions to confront the issues.


On a personal level, the CEO expressed deep appreciation for the work that was done in executive coaching. The coaching sessions lasted for many years and strengthened the leadership of the CEO, based on results in the annual employee surveys.

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