Our Mission

"We strive to become your preferred partner to work side-by-side enabling constructive, sustainable change by sharing our world-class expertise and using proven methods specifically tailored to your needs."

… preferred partner to work side by side …

We operate ethically and with integrity.

We seek long-term relationships that add value, while avoiding dependencies.

Generally, we will seek to work with an internal committee and an internal professional to ensure that our plans fit your needs and culture.

We are committed to inclusion and diversity.

We are process-oriented; you and your organization will always know your business better than we will.

… enabling constructive, sustainable change …

Our goal is to partner with you to facilitate change, not to dictate it.

We desire to conduct evaluation of our work to ensure that mutually developed action plans were effective.

We align our work with your organization's mission, vision, strategies, and goals.

We encourage taking a systems perspective.

… sharing our world-class expertise and using proven methods …

We offer services that are proven effective; otherwise, we innovate by bridging theory to practice.

We transfer our skills and processes to your organization.

We are driven by data, both quantitative and qualitative.

… specifically tailored to your needs.

We value indigenization — all of our work is customized to meet the culture of your organization and the environmental context in which you exist.